Family Law

Family Law

Family law is a very sensitive matter. It may affects your family’s live and your children. It’s already difficult to deal with, that’s the reason why you need to have a lawyer working with you in order to help you go through the process.

Our lawyers take care of your interests and will evaluate the best outcome in your case. They can help you to reach an agreement with the other party and then, avoid some trial which can cost you a lot.

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Typical Interventions

This list of applications is not limited. Then if your application doesn’t appear in this list, we can still help you!

Divorce proceedings can be long and stressful on morale. Depending on the situation, the reason for filing for divorce may itself be open to dispute. It is therefore essential to be accompanied in order to know your rights and possible remedies.


Each spouse retains their rights and obligations towards the children. Child support remedies therefore do not depend on whether the spouses are married or in a civil union. When breaking up, each spouse retains their property, there is no obligation to share the property unless there is a de facto spouse contract between the two.

Child support

Both parents are required to contribute to the needs of their child. This obligation does not end in the event of divorce or separation. The contribution is made in proportion to each person’s income and respects the scales established by law. Ask our lawyers to help you get child support or to make a request to change it.

Child custody

Divorce or separation can greatly affect a child’s life. His best interest must always be the priority when making a decision concerning him. Our lawyers understand this reality and will work with you to ensure that your child’s interests are not harmed.


Depending on your situation, during a divorce, you may be eligible for spousal support. Spousal support depends on several factors such as the length of the relationship, the income of each as well as the financial independence of the spouses. Do not renonce to your rights. Chat with our lawyers to assess your eligibility for spousal support.

Familial patrimony

The division of the family patrimony consists in determining which goods will be part of the community of goods as well as the debts. The family patrimony applies to all married or civil union spouses, whether they have children or not. It includes earnings registered in annuity and retirement plans during the union. It is after this step that the division is established, and the terms of compensation are determined.

Common Law partners

Although common law partners are not subject to division of property at the end of their relationship. They can establish that the goods used for the family, the family residence as well as the furniture will be shared equitably with a common law partner contract.

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